Book Review: A Woman’s Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything

13613994I like the intentions and thoughts behind the book. It is firmly rooted in the Scripture and very good points were made here and there. However, I thought that it may seem a bit too dry and heavy for most people. I was initially looking for a book that would help me in discipling my younger girls, but the way the book is written isn’t ideal for such a study, because it seems like a lot of lecturing. A monologue about what the Bible says, what we must do, how we should think, and I guess it comes off as a bit harsh and discouraging when it says ‘Wise women do this. Wise women do that.’ It is not very relational. It doesn’t have much lead-in to the topic, it just comes to you point after point, chunk after chunk, even before you start to digest or think through the content. I do also feel like that points made were a bit simplistic and extremely little room for discussion or sharing or thought, which isn’t very engaging. This could be due to my own expectations of what the book should have been like. This book may be more suitable for a more mature (emotionally and mentally) audience who is not familiar with Proverbs or the concept of love and marriage in the Bible. If you have already read Proverbs and are more or less with the main ideas surrounding love and marriage in the Bible, this book may not be an easy or comfortable read. You will find yourself desiring more and finding none, but having to plough through a lot of words on content you have already heard of.