Book Review: Counterfeit Gods: When the Empty Promises of Love, Money and Power Let You Down

I like how the author brings up familiar biblical stories and characters. You would think the stories are so old and the parallels drawn would so predictable, but Timothy Keller manages to draw the parallels in such a refreshing way that strikes you hard on both an intellectual and emotional level. But well, that could just be my own experience.

It was also cool how he broke down, dissected and gave examples on what ‘idols’ could possibly mean in different aspects of life – which was helpful for readers to check their blind spots. It’s great when an author really seem to have done his research by quoting other authors, though it got a bit excessive for some parts, and it got on my nerves a bit because I read the actual reference in full length before. But I appreciate how he brings in the insights of other thinkers (Christian or not, and both sides of each argument), rather than just keep going on about what he thought.

I am also incredibly touched and encouraged by the lack of despair and massive outpour of hope and joy and anticipation in this book, through talking about the person of Jesus, and who God is, and what His Word says.
In short, a book that is well-balanced in argument and well-researched, and well-thought out.

(Unedited from my Goodreads review.)