Book Review: Mere Christianity

I love how he uses analogies to simplify thoughts and concepts, while maintaining that nothing is quite like the real thing.
I love also how some of my darker inner thoughts and doubts that I have never shared were echoed and then, resolved by him.
I love especially how he arranges this book, and despite all the things that divides Christianity today, what he says is logical and very timeless.
I am not sure how this book would read like if you are a non-Christian to begin with, but I do wish to appeal that you finish the entire book, or at the very least, the chapter you were stuck at. Despite what CS Lewis says about how all good readers are selective in what they read, only choosing what is relevant to them.. I think he sometimes leaves some disturbing thoughts in my head but eventually resolves it slowly, step by step by the end of the chapter, or even brings the resolution part to the next chapter, or even the end of the book! And I just thought it may be helpful to just finish the section, especially after seeing how he sometimes arranges his arguments, while leaving some things hanging, only to resolve them completely (or not, debatable) a few chapters later.
This book made me rethink what it means to be a Christian, and asks that I retain and remember the true essence of it – the title is apt, Mere Christianity.