Book Review: Purpose Driven Youth Ministry: 9 Essential Foundations for Healthy Growth

When I was being ministered to as a youth in my church’s youth ministry, this was the system I was propelled to. I don’t think I turned out that well according to plan but eventually through God’s plan, I found my way back.

And I potentially see my experience getting lost and bumped around church as useful in helping me to reach out to students once again. As I rebuild my passion and start to take baby steps back into serving and leading in the ministry, this book has really given me a lot of new perspectives. The current state of the ministry has deviated somewhat from the original spirit of it when I was still being ministered to, but I am eager to make a difference – not by implementing changes top down but by slowly influencing people around me to see the value of change and this system, especially when God and building the Kingdom is the focus of every step.

I am glad I chose to read this book before I really went back full force into serving in the ministry. While there are a lot of things that may not be so culturally/practically relevant to my church, I see what Fields means by retaining the spirit of it and picking out the same principles that will apply to every church eager to follow God. Every current ministry will start out on a different point in this book and rather than dejected that a lot of work, patience and love is needed in my ministry, I am inspired by the potential that Fields presents in this book for every ministry!

I think what’s important is that we try not to be hasty in implementing all the changes, but think through what is the next step our own ministry should take. So, I think for fellow readers who have also gone through this book but feel that it is not relevant – I encourage you to take it slow and see if that idea changes.

This is definitely a book we all have to keep referring to if we are serious in building a purpose-driven ministry, not just a one-time read. I borrowed this copy from my church office – and I am planning to get a copy of my own to scribble on, bookmark and take notes!
I am excited! And I hope everyone who has had the courage to take this book up can also be excited about what they can do for their church, no matter of what size. My ministry isn’t huge too, but I believe there’s always something we can do. πŸ™‚