Book Review: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle


The story doesn’t really fall under the genre I usually read. But even so, it managed to push me to read on. Though there were points where I was just so confused about where the writing and stories were leading to. I always end up with more questions than answers. I think I am a bit more critical by nature, and given the rather spiritual nature of the incidents in the book, I felt like maybe everything was a bit too forced and ‘scripted’, in the sense that it felt so detached from reality to the point where I find it hard to relate to.
But there were also parts where I felt so intrigued by the happenings so I really pursued the story closely for a few chapters until the climax subsided.

Taking into account that the original book was written in Japanese, it could be that many elements have been lost in translation. I know Chinese and I feel that when translated to english, the meaning just changes a bit, but the difference it makes to the story can be extremely significant, removing a layer of emotion or erasing a perspective. I think the whole thing felt very poetic in nature, which would have been better appreciated if read in Japanese. A bit of a pity there.

This is my first Murakami book, and after I read some other books, I may decided to embark on a second one. I have mixed feelings about this one, and I wonder if it would be the same with another title.

(Unedited from my Goodreads review.)