Book Review: Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life

Harsh. I guess a lot of things can be taken to the extreme, and abused. Hahaha. I guess the guidelines and principles laid out in this book are well-intentioned and out of good will, and teaching people how to protect themselves, how to show themselves respect that they deserve and not to beg for things they were denied. It teaches people to see their own imperfections and shortcomings in a more holistic and biblical manner. I really agree with a lot of the book speaks about. I guess it’s really helpful for those people who are missing out on what God has prepared or designed for them because they have no idea how to set or respect boundaries. All the unnecessary pain and anger and frustration. If you find that you are rather unhappy in your relationships, try picking up this book and hopefully, it will help you to examine what boundary you may have issues with.

What this could expand more on was the teaching of tolerance, love and grace. I guess the book does teach you how to set clear boundaries out of love for yourself and the other person, though it can sound overly harsh about everything as well. I suppose people do slip up now and then, because we are all such ghastly imperfect creatures, and sometimes we do need a bit of grace and mercy. Someone who reads this book and overthinks into every giving or sacrificial action he has to make, seeing them as others violating his boundaries, is gonna find life really tiring, and probably still unfulfilled and unhappy. As readers pick up this book, be sure to pray also for a heart of humility and patience towards the fellow imperfect humans we live with. After all, we are probably gonna need that same extension of grace and mercy someday too. šŸ™‚

(Unedited from my Goodreads review)