Book Review: Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples


I initially picked up this book to prepare myself for a disciple that I may have been taking up.
I was expecting rather practical advice on how to disciple someone. But I was blown away by the contents of this book.

It taught me so much. It made me realise how little I knew about following Christ, and it gave me a new realization of our role here on Earth. And how making disciples is not a choice – but what we are commanded to do.

The book is not just about telling you where you were insufficient but also includes many of God’s promises and faithfulness for those who wholeheartedly follow Him and his commandments. It talks about many things Christians know but are buried in the subconscious. When prompted, it can’t even be expressed properly. Well, the book has done it for us.

I also love how beautifully it crafts the story of the Bible: How God’s salvation for mankind was so intricately planned, and how He honours those who does His work. No, he does not promise a good, comfortable wealthy life. He said it was going to be hard but He will be there with us until the end of age.

Thank you so much for this book, and I will be passing it on to more so they also come to a new realization about their identities with Christ Jesus, and draw even closer to Him. May the Lord strengthen our faithfulness and fortify our hearts against the devil. We want to go where God is, and to find that extraordinary peace that can only be from Him alone.

(Unedited from my Goodreads review)