Book Review: The Introvert Charismatic: The Gift of Introversion in a Noisy Church


I think this book deserves a 4-star almost purely because of the lack of coverage on such issues out there. The title is promising but if you are an introvert looking for answers (like me), then perhaps you will find some parts uninteresting or slightly irrelevant. I mean, if introverts are who Mark Tanner describes to be, the chance of them having thought through most of what he says, is pretty high, in my opinion. But well, the affirmation is pretty assuring. I think Tanner did structure the book well, but the contents within the structure were not always short and sweet as I would have liked it to be. Perhaps there’s so much worry about offending people on either side of the spectrum that sometimes the point gets obscured in the middle of all the disclaimers and apologies. (i am generalizing; i don’t claim to be an expert; not that extroversion is bad) and too much of the word count is invested in defining and redefining what is charismatic. The chapter on church history of charismatics was necessary but I thought it dragged on too long after the point was made, which greatly diminished my interest in continuing the book from that point onwards. However, I did enjoy the ending chapters which was straightforward and tackles directly the point of challenging introverts to not just be accepted but to accept others within the community. Definitely worth a read either way but I suppose some parts can be skimmed through, with discretion and personal preference considered.

(Unedited from my Goodreads review.)